Contact us to order the artist scent edition,get information or receive the newsletter


Regarding the character of our project, we prefer to handle all orders on a personal level. The order procedure is as follows:

  • Select „Order“ in the subject bar and send us your order, including the amount of editions.
  • Please note: personal orders are limited to 2 editions max.
  • Please let us know, if your billing address is different from your delivery address.
  • Our confirmation mail will follow, including the invoice and further Infomations.
  • After receipt of your payment, we will deliver the savely packed scent to you.
  • A return will be possible within 30 days after delivery.


Please feel free to ask for any information about our project. Some basic informations:

  • There will be a newsletter, announcing upcoming artist scents and special events. Please select „Newsletter“ in the subject bar and we will include you to our mailing list.
  • There are no testers available for our scents.
  • We intend to have a trustful distribution policy. In case we work with selected partners, who offer the artist scent edition, they will inform their customers.


We have prepared a press kit. Please select „Information“ in the subject bar and send us your professional details.